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    Default L245 loses power

    Hello All,
    Thanks in advance for any response to my question.
    I have an L245F kubota that was running fine a week ago.
    I parked it and the next weekend got on and fired it up and went to mowing with it and it ran great as always but after about 30 minutes it had lost power. It would not rev as high as normal and would hardly pull my mower.
    I shut it off and waited for it to cool down, changed the fuel filter and air filter. Then I cranked it up and it ran great but only for 30 minutes or so and then the same thing happens. Low power, lower than normal rpm's and in high gear it will only creep along and eventually die but it starts right back up.
    The throttle response is also slow when it is hot. When engine is cool you can crack the throttle wide open and it revs right up instantly but when it is hot it hesitates and takes a long time to get the rpm's up and it will not rev all the way up.
    You can hear the difference in the pitch of the whine of the engine. You don't need a tachometer to tell the difference in how high it will rev.
    I have changed the fuel line, fuel filter, air filter and cleaned out the tank by draining it and then using a wet/dry vac to suck out whatever might have been in the tank.
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks guys

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    Default Re: L245 loses power

    still sounds like fuel starvation prob- may have to blow out lines to be sure no obstruction in line=dirt, algae, etc. ran into something similiar on a JD and when we blew out the lines it looked like a rope coming out of one. ran fine after that. let us know what this proves out to be luck jimbo

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    Default Re: L245 loses power

    strap a new clean diesel can on the hood with a line going direct - bypassing the tank, tank hoses, filter, etc. see how long it runs.
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