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    BX2660 with FEL

    Default Weight of FEL for BX2660

    I might be picking up a BX2660 soon with FEL and MMM and wondering what the weight of the FEL is. I cannot find it in any kubota literature I have.

    I'm aware that the tractor weighs approx 1389 and deck is about 250.

    Any concerns trailering this outfit with a trailer that has a GVWR of 3,000lbs? I'm close to the limit I know but trailering any great distance would be a one time event. Any other trailering I might do would be 2 miles.


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    Default Re: Weight of FEL for BX2660

    here are weights I compliled for for a BX24 that I have. just ignore the backhoe weights. It may not be exactly the same but should be pretty close.

    BX24 weight info
    BX24 1520 lbs
    Mower 250 lbs
    Loader 375 lbs
    Bucket 132 lbs
    Back hoe 617 lbs
    BX24+loader+backhoe+mower=2894lbs equals almost 1.5 tons

    You are gonna be close, I just hope you have brakes on the trailer. with combined wieght of BX and trailer, most likely you will be over 3K.

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    Kubota BX2660

    Default Re: Weight of FEL for BX2660

    The LA243 FEL that comes with the BX2660 has an "approximate" weight of 375 lbs, per the kubota FEL operator's manual. The tractor weighs 1402.1 lbs. I think Radioman's tractor is made a bit heavier than a 2660 to support the backhoe.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Weight of FEL for BX2660

    I regularly haul my BX2660 with MMM and FEL on a 2990 GVWR trailer on a fairly regular basis without problems.

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