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    Default L3130 200 Hour Maintenance

    Disclaimer - If I have any of this all wrong, please by all means, let me know....giddy up.

    This is more of a "rant", but there are a few questions in here too.

    I'm doing my 200 hr. maintenance and it calls for changing the oil and filter. No problem. Done.

    It calls for replacing the HST Filters on left and right side, but the manual does not mention replacing the hydraulic fluid. Hmmm. Who's the rocket scientist who thought of this procedure and why? I mean, you can get the HST filter off the left side of the tractor without losing more than 1/2 quart, but removing the right side filter is a pain in the butt because I lost 3 quarts of fluid before I could get the other one fast enough. So, I'm down nearly a gallon of UDT Hydraulic fluid already. No wonder they say just change the filters, you are doing a partial hydraulic fluid "change" anyhow, because you'll have to add so much back in. It seems the right side HST filter is situated quite a way below the sump level, or so it seems. Jeesh! The least thing kubota could have done would be to add a technical note in the maintenance section telling the owner/user to be ready to replace at least a gallon of fluid so I didn't have to make another trip to the dealer to get MORE hyd. fluid!

    Oh and $60.00 bucks for the left side HST filter! Jeesh!

    Since I didn't do the 50 hour (dealer did) and the 100 hour doesn't call for replacing anything HST hydraulic related, this was my first venture with HST hyd. maintenance. Boy was this an eye opener.

    Anyone else learn about this the hard way?

    Having said all this, I feel better already.

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    Default Re: L3130 200 Hour Maintenance

    I think there is a trick that you can use a shop vac inserted into the "fill" hole. That sucks air in so you don't loose much... and have the other filter ready and waiting!!!

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    Default Re: L3130 200 Hour Maintenance

    The manual on my L5030 indicates to drain the oil, change filters then put the oil back in. I have seen posts from owners who have done this. I don't do it that way, my son swaps filters on mine and loses only about a quart.

    I have also read of using a shop vac, but haven't tried it.
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