I have purchased a used 2002 b7500 with 180hrs on it I don't really believe the 180 hrs but it was in good condition. I have since added a rc60-24b midmount mower and have noticed that when running the mower at speed (2500 rpm) and pushing in the clutch it seams to make a load ratcheting sound from the mid pto. I was wondering if this was normal or if I should pull the mid pto apart over the winter. I do notice the same sound but not the volume when the mid pto is running but with no implement attached. I was wondering if the tractor has an internal over run clutch and that that noise is from it. The noise doesn't seem to occur if you idle down the tractor before engaging the clutch. Any ideas? i don't recall hearing anything like this from my b6200's mid mower and pto setup.