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    Default BX2200 Tie rod end

    I have managed to tear two rubber boots on the tie rod ends. probable due to old barbed wire (acording to my dealer).
    I had to replace the entire assembly as the rubber boot is not carried as a replacement.
    Has anyone found a source of replacement boots for the tie rod ends

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    Default Re: BX2200 Tie rod end


    I had the same thing happen on my BX22, although I was not in anything that I think could have caught the boot. I noticed the tear, but concluded that there must have been a small tear from new, and it just grew due to the wide angle swept by the joint. I replaced it myself, and the dealer swapped the part under warranty. Replacement was pretty easy, except for the narrow wrench you need to grab on the cylinder rod. I ended up grinding down an openend wrench to "thin" it to fit. Setting the toe-in was easy using the measurements in the owner's manual.

    I did a little hunting for a replacement boot, but came up dry. I was thinking about trying to hunt down the manufacturer, but when the dealer said he would exchange it I gave up the hunt. But it might be good to find a supplier since they are held on with just a little wire clip.

    I considered putting some of the cloth mesh that they have over the hydraulic hoses as a protective cover on the joint, using a couple of tie wraps to hold it in place. If I do find it gets torn I will most likely add the protection. Unfortunately they do hang out there with little protection.

    Let's see if anyone else found a source.


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    Default Re: BX2200 Tie rod end

    Geez, Hadn't thought about the boot getting torn.... I might take some evasive action up front and cover them for protection like mentioned. They do hang out in the open for abuse....... Tom

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