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    Default Kubota online manuals

    Does anyone know where one might find an online manual for a kubota B6100E Dsl 2WD tractor.

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    Default Re: Kubota online manuals

    Don't we all wish. I would love to find on line manuals. Haven't yet. I would also like to get a shop manual on PDF format on CD ROM. Looking at the Carver's site for a shop manual is not very encouraging. They have them placed by special order and are at the mercy of the printer for shipping dates, which can take months.

    Seems that a shop manual on CD would cut out all the backlog and make most of us happy. I'd pay $75 for one.

    If you want an owner's manual, I think they can order one for you, provided your's isn't a grey model. I ordered one online for my B9200 and got it in a week. Price was about $10 + shipping so I ordered other things I needed to offset the shipping costs.


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    Default Re: Kubota online manuals

    How about:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

    Does that help? I have also gotten great info from:

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    Default Re: Kubota online manuals

    Thanks Dave, the info will be of 'GREAT' help!


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    Default Re: Kubota online manuals

    I just recieved my Shop Manual for my ZD21. I ordered it from tractorsmart, and recieved it in less than 2 weeks. (it had to come from kubota)
    The 50 hour parts that I ordered from Ronnie @ tractorsmart showed up within days! I would HIGHLY recommend them.

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