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    can someone tell me how to test if the dynamo is shot without taking it off,
    I live in Costa Rica and just recently traded in a kubota B7100 and apparently does not charge, the fan turns alright but it looks like a job to take it off, or is there an easier way than taking the front panel off>>

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    Take a voltage reading with tractor off. Start tractor and take a reading ( from battery) with tractor running at 1/2 throttle. Running voltage should be 13.8-14.5 volts and static should be 12.5-12.8.

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    Use an a meter to check the dynamo output. If it needs replacing pull the oil cooler and radiator. It's not difficult. The housing holding the dynamo will have one bolt that is difficult to access. Bend a wrench to fit or use a ratcheting wrench.

    There are threads here giving descriptions of doing this job.
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    The dynamo output should be at least 20 volts AC across the 2 wires with them unplugged and the tractor at full throttle. In over 20 years I have only seen 2 dynamo electrical failures, all other failures have been bearing failures. Most likely the voltage regulator is bad.


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