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    Default Kubota mx5100 tires

    I just bought a new mx5100. I need to know witch tires to get R4 or ag tires? I have 50 acres and 12 acres at my house lots of hills and rocks. I don't have alot of snow to plow. I live in the Ozark mountains. Just normal farming and cleaning up some lots from a tornado, some tree pushing. The tractor has R4's on it right now but I was thinking of telling them to put ag tires on it before they deliver it?? I don't know this is my first tractor. I've read of some people having traction problems with R4's in the forms, but it was people plowing snow???

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    Default Re: Kubota mx5100 tires

    as to what is the best for you i can't answer as i have never worked in the mountains or large hills. I use the ag tires on my mx5100 for flat land here Louisiana. i use my tractor for moving dirt and clearing brush. I've been happy with mine. When i bought my tractor the r4's would have added $800 to the price. I don't know if that is normal but if it is make sure to get a credit
    good luck

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    Default Re: Kubota mx5100 tires

    Well, I have a MX5000 and not that the tractor make a difference but I went with the R4's.

    My 20 acres aren't flat so I wanted to get the most stable/widest tires that I reasonably could. I also have the rear wheels in their next to widest position so I could widen that stance as much as possible.

    I have all four seasons where I live. I chain up in the winter and deal with slippery clay mud when its wet but my tractor still gets the job done when needed. I'm sure ag tires would come in handy at times and give me more traction but to me the stability on the hills was more important then the traction through the mud.

    I see that you are planning on doing clean up work, the R4's might be more stable with that too. Especially if you're lifting heavy, long trees and such where you will need the stability.

    I'm sure either way you will learn to work with what you have.

    Good luck, you will like the machine.

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    Default Re: Kubota mx5100 tires

    Here in Indiana I have a mx5100 and I use ag tires on the farm you get more cleareance and better bit for plowing and pulling .If you are going to be in the lawn get r4's ,ag tires will tear your lawn up ,on the road r4's will wear better . I do a lot of bucket work digging out stumps and with ag tires the tires will realy dig in so after getting stump out you fill that hole up and the four wear the tires were. If you have a FEL get the back tires loaded I have wheel weights three on each side and that is not enough I have to use a barrel with concrete about 900 lbs to keep rear down.

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    Default Re: Kubota mx5100 tires

    No one has mentioned ply rating. I put 10 ply R-4's on my L4350, 12" wide on the front because I wanted toughness and stability. On my B7800 I was unhappy with the 4 ply 8.5 wide R-4's on the front. I now have a 6 ply R-1 trencher tires on the front after getting lucky and finding the rims I needed. 1st time I have mixed tires but liking the results. The wider tires give me the stability I was looking for and the bar tread gives me a bit more traction.
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    Default Re: Kubota mx5100 tires

    I have a MX5100 4wd with R4 tires. I had the dealer change out the ag tires. I'm so glad I did. For general farm work, mowing,plowing,loader work, R4s will get the job done.You wont have the traction of the ag tires, but the 4wd counters the loss of traction for the most part. You have a little lower center of gravity,which is safer on inclines and wider stance.The R4s are easy on the lawn too. Carl

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