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    Default Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    Well , I finally finished about 1,500 feet of road throught the woods around pasture. Many many stumps had to be removed as I navigated my way through. Took quite a while and I learned a lot of patience is required, But BX25 did fine even on hilly terrain.

    Pics show steepest part of the grade at the beginning of road up the hill. Once the road reaches the top it turns and begins winding along pasture perimeter.

    Road will serve a dual purpose, Will be used to collect sap for maple syrup, as well as porting barn waste to a designated compost pile without having to constantly run through the pasture tearing it up.

    Best compliments I received were from visitors who were surprised the little BX25 was able to accomplish what it did, and also commented the finished road actually enhanced the look of the property as if it had been there all along.

    Attached are a few pics , the first is the average size stump the BX25 had to tackle, and the finished road once I completed the project.

    Tying up an earlier loose thread where I reported BX25 was stalling in reverse, and asked for help.
    Well just as JohnThomas and others suggested it was my rear end not staying squarely in the
    seat properly. I still struggle with this as I am fairly light.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Road is in  -  Thumbs up to the little BX25-img_7353s.jpg   Road is in  -  Thumbs up to the little BX25-dutrail1s.jpg   Road is in  -  Thumbs up to the little BX25-dutrail2s.jpg  

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    Default Re: Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    Good job, what a satisfaction you must have on your investment, everytime I use a tool for the real work, I tell my wife God I didnot waste money. Thanks for the pictures, we all like to see pictures
    Having a back yard allows one to explore their skills, atleast mine did!
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    Default Re: Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    Nice work, that's a beautiful trail through the woods. I've done similar work with my BX25, and I have some more to do coming up here shortly. I have to admit a small dozer would make quicker work of it, but doing it yourself is very satisfying, and it also lets you have the time to think about how to get things just the way you want.

    Please post more (and bigger) pictures!!

    Also, here's an idea for your stalling problem: You could buy one of these BXpanded Seat Back Storage Bags:

    Seat Back Storage Bag

    They're only $17 and nicely designed. I've bought a couple of them. They bolt on to the holes on the back of your seat. You could put some weight in there, maybe a chunk of lead or something...just enough to help your machine from stalling when you back up.
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    Default Re: Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    I'm doing the same thing through my woods. Mine is mostly pine trees, so a bit easier than hardwood stumps.

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    Default Re: Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    Great job and beautiful woods.
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    Default Re: Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    Very nice looking road; always amazed at what people can do with these little tractors.
    Thread on helpful tractor abbreviations:

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    Default Re: Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    Very nice. I did the same thing through our woods with my BX-24 (our BX-24?).
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    Default Re: Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    Way to Go! We like it! Yep the BX25 can do a LOT and until a man
    operates one it is kinda hard to grasp just how robust it is. There is a
    kill switch that kills the motor under the seat if you leave the seat, a good piece of equipment in my book.

    I think that if you get used to putting on the seat belt those issues will disappear. Alternately I think an override switch could be installed but not recommended.

    Not tellinya what to do but IMHO, stump removal is a LOT easier if you leave
    a good 6' or better of trunk sticking up. It acts as an incredibly powerful
    lever when you push or pull on it from up high my friend... Stumps will come out a LOT faster w/ that method. Then after is pulled chop that lever off!

    I own a BX25, I am adding a grapple for the FEL which will be great for
    picking up stumps and logs etc, take peek if you please HERE.

    Post more pics of the place, love to see pics!


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    Default Re: Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    Anybody done this on hilly terrain? I have 21 AC of timber recently logged. My forest management plan to support the huge property tax deduction requires a certain level of management of the replanted forest (500 trees/AC). @! AC is too much for me to be tromping on foot at my age. In the sloped areas ; looking at using the BS w/ and w/o rippers to cut into the bank and work it out to a side slope my 25 can negotiate safely. Some places are too steep to go straight up and down comfortably.

    Looking for ideas from all you out there, short of renting a small dozer.


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    Default Re: Road is in - Thumbs up to the little BX25

    Good for you, that's quite an achievement making a haul road like that. Took me over 20 years...little by little to do the almost the same.
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