I recently bought a B2400. The fuel tank has 3 nipples (probably the wrong terminology sorry) coming off the side of the fuel tank which has three flexible tubes coming off of them. I'm assuming they are returns or vents of somekind? Anyhow, two of the tubes go to injectors, and one goes down to the top of the fuel filter. Does anyone know what purpose the one going to the fuel filter serves?

The reason I ask is that the nipple for this one was somehow broken or cracked in the past and the previous owner just plugged the tank and the tube with screws and zip tied it all together. The engine runs great but I did notice a small fuel drip coming off of the filter and I figured that the screw in the tank was not sealing it off good or something. Would it be crazy just to seal that nipple off with JB Weld or something like that? My whole idea is to try and avoid having to put a new tank in. Thanks