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    Default bx 1830 leak at front differential

    i topped off the oil in the front axel only to watch it leak back out. when i removed the plastic cover over the 4 wheel drive shaft where it goes into the front axel, i could see that the shaft that goes into the axel will move in and out about a quarter of an inch or more. should be tight. i looked at the blow up from the kubota parts parts book and it looks like the last oil seal cover has moved back. does this part screw on or is it pressed in?? is there any tricks to taking this back apart and putting it back together? it also looks like there 2 clip rings that hold it in place and 2 sets of bearings that are in there. thanks to any one who can help me. bill

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    Default Re: bx 1830 leak at front differential

    The pinion shaft should have very little end play. It sounds like either a bearing has failed or possibly one of the snap rings has been dislodged. I beleive you will find that the seal is pressed in. If you pull it back, you should be able to confirm the placement of the rear snap ring. If the rear snap ring is in place, the most likely culprit is going to be one of the two bearings. Removing the rear snap ring should allow the pinion assembly to be removed from the housing.

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    Default Re: bx 1830 leak at front differential

    ibnxe, while looking at the oil seal, how do i get it out? i cannot see anything to get a bite on to pull it out. also if can get the oil seal out and remove the snap rings, are the bearings pressed in and will they come out without specialized tools? thanks for your help. bill

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