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    Default B6100E rear pto seal

    Anyone ever changed the rear pto seal? Mine was leaking, so I removed the pto housing cover to replace the seal. The old seal seemed to be bonded in to the metal housing cover. I had to take it out in pieces. Should the new one be bonded in place? The new seal seems to be too large to fit the opening in the housing cover. I was thinking of heating the metal cover and freezing the rubber seal and trying to install the seal. Anyone have any experience with this?

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    Ranger, I'll be watching to hear about this myself because I don't know. In my business of repairing air tools, I replace a lot of oil seals (same type; much smaller) and I use rubber cement on the outer metal ring; lubricates a little to press them in and then bonds them in place. And while I've not tried it on an oil seal, I have packed a metal shaft in dry ice to cool it and heated a bearing in hot water to press it onto that shaft on a street sweeper; worked like a charm.


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    You should not have to take off the housing, unless you are talking about an internal seal. i am familier with the seal that goes aroung the PTO shaft. see my above reply


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    I took the housing cover off because I couldn't get the seal out....The rubber came out in pieces. The reason the new seal wouldn't fit is because after I got the rubber out, the steel "liner" from the seal was still in place. I thought it was part of the housing. Once I got it out, the new seal popped right into place. Another learning experience for me!

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