I was out brush hogging some paths in my woods for the upcoming deer hunting season. I was pulling forward and one of the small tree stumps I had just gone over came up under the tractor and took out my fuel filter. I had diesel going all over the place. Luckily the petcock turned it off. It turns out the damage was to the little brass vent fitting on top of the filter. It was broken off. I was able to retrieve the small piece still in the hose and push the other broken piece out the bottom. It is a press fit and works all though I now have a very small leak there (probably less than a couple of tablespoons overnight), since the recovered piece is about half the length of the original. I can live with the leak (the petcock still isolates it), but I was hoping someone out there would have the part number for just the little brass piece. Other wise I will have to replace the whole filter housing, I'm sure that won't be cheap. Thanks in advance for any help.