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    Default BX 22 Hydraulic noise after running for awhile

    I have noticed lately that when I am using the BH or the FEL, when the tractor is cool or has not been running a long time, everything sounds good. After I've been working the tractor for awhile, the hydraulics whine or honk when at the full extended or retracted position. It seems to be louder the hotter the tractor gets. I've never really noticed this until lately. It also seems like the longer the tractor has been running, the weaker the hydraulics get. It's not hugely noticeable, but it is noticeable. The temperature gauge stays on the low side, so it wouldn't be a cooling issue of the motor. Is there something I should be looking for? I am going to be changing the transmission fluid soon, don't know if that would help. What cools the transmission and would it be possible to put an inline cooler for the transmission fluid. THX.

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    Default Re: BX 22 Hydraulic noise after running for awhile

    My BX24 does that when the fluid gets hot. No drop in power but the noise is a PITA. I doubt that fluid change will help but if its coming time to chenge it anyway I say go for it. From what I read its normal with the SCUTs
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