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    Default hose pinch 3-point hitch

    I just purchased a new B3200HST with a kubota backhoe. when i take off the backhoe and use the 3-point hitch the rear hydrolic hose that I plug back into the tractor when it is off, seems to be getting pinched between the R 3-point hitch bar and the backhoe mount. The hose routing seems odd but it looks like the mounting was done right with the backhoe mounting attachment. Anyone else see this before?

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    Default Re: hose pinch 3-point hitch

    It happens a lot if the hose is not secured with loom clamps to keep it from being shoved or pinched.

    you need to remove the hose and have a new hose made as its strength and safety has been compromised and it will blow.

    Buy 1 or 2 loom clamps for this hose and then find the location that is clear and will not affect the operation, removal and reinstallation of the back hoe.

    If you have a tap and die set you could drill and tap a pair of fine threaded holes for the bolts to secure the loom clamps or if you have a welder and feel adventurous weld the bolt heads to the inner boom where they will not poke anything like the hoses or smack something when the inner and outer booms are swung to the full arc of the back hoes reach-including the tires.

    I wish they would use steel lines for these things as they would have much less hose trouble(shorter hoses for connections and the dipper arm)

    The other issue is one of properly sizing the lengths of the hoses as the builoder of these things is not paying attention tro detail with regard to the hoses available bend radius and also accounting for the distances needed to use the disconnects (what usually happens is the hose length is increased because the sockets length is not accounted for in measuring the proper length and it becomes too long and that 4 inches or so transmits to a huge additional loop length of the individual hose.

    As long as your at it you should look at the other hose to see what its condition is and repeat the mounting with another set of loom clamps if the hose is not crushed.

    REMEMBER this please

    When or if you use the loom clamps be sure to swing the boom to the left and right fully before mounting them to insure the hose loops will not be too short which affects the hose service life. The hydraulic shop you purchase the new hose from will be able to show you the diagram and print one for you to assure that there is enough of a mild loop after securing the loom clamp(s)

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    Default Re: hose pinch 3-point hitch

    Here is a quick older thread about the 3pt hose routing on a B2620 which might be similar to what you are talking about.

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