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    Default need specs for coil - tractor won't start

    I have a Grasshopper 725 with a kubota 3 cyl 25 hp gas engine, which won't start. It turns over, but there is no spark. I 'd like to test coil, but don't know it's specs. Its marked 12581-68901.

    Primary test result = 1.4 Ohms
    Secondary test result = 11.66K Ohms

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    Default Re: need specs for coil - tractor won't start

    i don't have the specs for your coil but those are reasonable numbers for a standard automnotive coil. Primary could be a tad lower ohms but you are not open. Do you have battery voltage at the + term when in the run position? If you do, move the the ground side and see if it is being conrolled when cranking.
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