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    Default BX2200 Fuel Tank Leak (Factory Recall)

    Has anyone heard of a factory recall on the fuel tank for New BX2200. Here is what happened to mine.

    I purchased it in August, and I noticed a month ago that when I filled the fuel tank up and did a little work in the yard, that the fuel tank would leak on the left rear tire whenever I would stop. I called the dealer and he said their was a factory recall on the tank level gage and that I needed a repair kit. So I said OK and the dealer picked up the tractor and installed a new kit. But now it still leaks when I fill it up. I talked to the actual guy who did the first kit and he said there are 3 different kits that he could put in on the left side for fuel leaks. He also said that the tank might have a hole in it.

    Has anyone ever noticed that thier tank leaks when it is completely full?


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    Default Re: BX2200 Fuel Tank Leak (Factory Recall)

    This has been discussed many times. If you do a search on BX fuel tank, I'm sure you'll get plenty of threads.


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    Default Re: BX2200 Fuel Tank Leak (Factory Recall)

    BX fuel tank leaks post on TBN go back to 8/2000. One that covers the problems can be viewed by clicking Click here I donít know that there is a Factory Recall. <font color=orange>kubota</font color=orange> is fixing the problem. I would ask that all 3 fixes be put no your tractor and save more trips back to the dealer.

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