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    Default Hello and ? HST+ Auto Throttle as a clutch brake?

    Hello all, new member here. Been lurking for a while. I have operated and recently sold an excavating business this summer that I had for about 8 years doing excavating and structual concrete. I also took care of all of our fleet maintenence. I have had an 02 L48, a U-35 Mini, KX 121 Mini, and LS 160, 190 and C190 skid steers form new holland. Tow Vehicles were a 02 F350, 04 F450 And a 08 F450 Lariat, Unfortunatly all gone with the exception of the 08 Ford and our little JD X595 mower!

    For personal use since I had the itch bad to operate machinery again I recently picked up a new L3540 HTSC 724 loader with tooth bar, QA, 1 R/R for hyd toplink, forks, ballast box and woods GB72 Box blade. The tractor has every option sans rear/side window defrosters. I have about 3 acres in maryland, that to be honest, this tractor is way overkill, but I was spoiled by all of my previous cabbed machines and still had the operators itch... the only thing I miss is my hoe, but I figured I'll rent a mini if its really needed. I have a snow contract and hope to pay some of the note down if we get a another killer winter around here. Anyways...

    I really love the auto throttle feature of this tractor but found myself wanting to do something that may or may not be harmful, wanted your thoughts. I find myself using auto throttle normally but when i come to a stop at a dump pile or side of a truck i want more throttle instantly to raise dump lower the bucket while sitting still. I noticed you could depress the clutch and then use the hst pedal like a throttle if the auto throttle was engaged. Kind of like a clutch brake on a forklift. I was making sure to let it come back to idle before releasing the clutch and resuming normal use of the hst pedal. Any reason not to do this? Would it wear the clutch since its only being engaged and disengaged at idle?

    Thanks for the thoughts, and hopefully I can be of some help around here too.

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    Default Re: Hello and ? HST+ Auto Throttle as a clutch brake?

    It isn't really a clutch at this point but you are just dumping the hydraulic system. You could just raise the base throttle you are working from and not use the petal at all!

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