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    Default Bx25 use on a steep hill

    I live on a hill and I need to move lots of dirt /rock to river bank?
    How does the bx25 work on hills?
    Thanks stevee

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    Default Re: Bx25 use on a steep hill

    If you go up/down and it's not too steep, it should work OK...Make sure you use your seatbelt and your ROPS is up because no tractor is completely safe on a hill.
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    Default Re: Bx25 use on a steep hill

    Travel straight up and straight down, keep the bucket low, go slow, 4x4, and like the previous post, ROPS up, seatbelt on.

    I find the BX25 (I have a BX24) can be quite tippy due to it's narrow frame and any weight that's above centerline, besides my fat XXX.

    If you're moving a lot of material, bring some extra shorts...since you'll most likely scare the ........ out of yourself.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Bx25 use on a steep hill

    I have a BX25 and steep hills. Mine's a bit scary unless I'm going straight up and straight down. I had a friend cut me trails cross ways on one of my steep hill sides with his track loader. When he was finished I drove across one with clenched cheeks and started across another one and stopped, backed up and told him to cut them down more level which he did with ease and in short time and safely with his track loader.
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    Default Re: Bx25 use on a steep hill

    I have a BX24 and when moving material on a slope (ROPS up and belt on) I keep one hand on the FEL (kept low to the ground) to quickly lower it to the ground if I feel it tipping.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Bx25 use on a steep hill

    Be sure to use 4 wheel drive if the bucket is loaded and your going down to the river bank. I have heard of folks lifting the rear wheels off the deck in 2 wheel, it then will free wheel on the front end, which is another reason to keep the bucket low.
    If you working on the side hill, extend the BH to the uphill side for additional ballast, and always try to keep your center of gravity as low as ya can.

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    Default Re: Bx25 use on a steep hill

    I have a similar machine and it will work, (with all the advice above), but I think we need more info. How far, how steep, can you go straight up and down, how daring you choose to be, how many pairs of underwear do you plan on soiling?

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    Default Re: Bx25 use on a steep hill

    "Hills" can mean different things to different people. If your idea of a hill is what gets climbed in extreme off-road 4x4 or motorcycle trials riding or the like, no, the BX is not meant to travel extreme grades, just like any other tractor.
    It can handle moderate grades, as others have described. If anything, there is abundant horsepower. It is just about impossible to bog the engine and you will run out of traction instead of power, even when on hills. The tractor itself has a low center of gravity, but with the FEL, backhoe or attachments on, the dynamics change and it can be tipped if you are not careful.
    Speaking of being careful, be sure you have the right weight distribution, the right tires and avoid cross-slopes if at all possible. Always use 4wd low range on hills... going up or down. Keep the bucket low when transporting material. If you have lots of material and long enough distance to travel, consider some kind of trailer instead of just the FEL.

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    Default Re: Bx25 use on a steep hill

    Thank you for asking this question. I have a BX24 and have asked the same question on another forum. I was given the same info as here. 30,000 tractors guys can't be wrong right?

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    Default Re: Bx25 use on a steep hill

    I added ballast by having the rear tires foamed filled and noticed an immediate improvement all around... more stable, better traction and better loader dynamics...

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