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    Default Kubota B7100

    hey all..looking for some help with my b7100 and found this great forum. kubota drives very nice on level ground but when i go to drive up a just wont move at just sits there and revs....any suggestions please....i need help

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    Default Re: Kubota B7100

    Are the wheels spinning and you're not moving, or is the clutch/HST slipping and the wheels won't spin?
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    Default Re: Kubota B7100

    its the wheels not spinning

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    Default Re: Kubota B7100

    Pump, hydraulic motor or clutch problems??

    Clutch should smell.
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    Is your B7100 hydro drive or gearshift?

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    Default Re: Kubota B7100

    If the engine is running fine, it becomes a power transfer problem so it must be a clutch problem since it moves otherwise. Is there a burning smell?

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    Are you using high or low range? In high range my B1550 can barely climb over its own shadow.

    If its a HST, clean the metal mesh filter that feeds oil to the tranny. That made a huge difference to the power on mine. Ask if you need assistance finding it. Its low down on the left hand side and just looks like a large bolt head. (I'm not talking about the screw-in disposable can filter.)

    A free parts manual from here might help you..


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