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    Default Re: BX running hot

    There are gaps at the bottom of the screen-holder , hence it's the
    lower middle that blocks as the fan sucks it against the rad. I stuffed
    a piece of foam stick ( about 12 - 14" ) at the bottom of the
    rad guide , but it's far from perfect and still needs clearing every
    10 hours . It's mainly a MMM caused problem due to cutting right
    below the rad. The round case screen does it's job , since there's
    nothing on the battery etc. I really do think the rad is too small and
    should be the size from the B##20's ....................
    BX2360 54"MMM

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    Default Re: BX running hot

    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeRidge View Post
    It's mainly a MMM caused problem due to cutting right
    below the rad.
    What I experience is different. I get far more chaff that's sucked in and clogs everything up when I use my brush hog on dried out wild oats. The tractor is moving forward while the rough cutter is behind the tractor with a rear discharge. The chaff is so light that it just stays in the air. When I'm mowing with a tailwind, it just pushes the chaff forward where it is sucked into the outer screen. If there is no wind, it stays in the air, and every time I make a 180, I'm just driving right back into the still floating debris from the previous pass. If I don't clean the outer screen every 4 min. and clean the inner screen and the radiator face every 30 min., I wind up redlining. This constant cleaning gets to be a PITA, but it's better than blowing a gasket or warping some engine component.

    When I cut live grass with the MMM, it is mulched and falls to the ground. If it is an early season cut, it will not all mulch and I get side discharge. I only use the MMM on green grass that does not float in the air. In any case, I never have a radiator clogging problem from the MMM.

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    Default Re: BX running hot

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_H View Post
    It's important to get behind the battery and clean every sq. inch thoroughly.
    AMEN. Every time I pull out the battery the radiator is caked *solid* back there.

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