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    Default Fuel tank leak on B2710

    I filled my tractor up yesterday and now have a small leak coming from the sending unit. Had to pull the dash to find it. Has anyone else had this problem? Any kubota tecs seen this before? and if so what is the fix? I think I'm safe if I don't fill it quite so full. I'll have to run it to see if it stops once the level drops. Thanks for all replys.

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    Default Re: Fuel tank leak on B2710

    Von, I never had that same problem, but I did find out if I overfilled my B2710, the vent/overflow? tube would drip some on the ground and made me think at first that I had a leak. Since you say you pulled the dash to see, you obviously have a different problem. And I also had the fuel tank on the B7100 develop a tiny crack on the bottom where the metal strap went around it to hold it in place.

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    Default Re: Fuel tank leak on B2710

    Is this the time for "Silicone man" to come to the aid of all good tractormen.


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