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    Default Oil Change on Tiller

    I have a FL1271RC Tiller. It's been sitting in a filed for 2 years and I figure I should change the oil. I don't have a manual. Drain plug appears to be bottom bolt on side. What type oil? UDT? Next, I see what looks like 2 filler caps,.. one a cap another a screw/bolt on side gear. Which one do I use to fill? How full do I make it?

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    Default Re: Oil Change on Tiller

    My tiller quit tilling a week or so ago. I was talking to Gary, Barlows parts man and got a printout of the parts breakdown. I've added gear oil to the chain side of the tiller and to the top gear box hole in the past.
    Gary said a mechanic told him that he always added a tube of grease to the chain side and then topped with gear oil.
    If yours has a slip clutch then you need to loosen bolts on clutch housing to make sure the clutch hasn't rusted together.
    I'd take two caps off top of tiller (gear box and chain box) and turn over to drain mine but mines only a 36" tiller, heavy but by just rolling, not that heavy. If you find drain bolts, then just remove them and don't drop them and lose them in the field. I fill mine to the top.
    I'm not the type person that believes every drop of old oil has to come out but some people are different than me and have to drain every drop out of every thing they are changing. Sure you'll get the responses of how studys have shown that one molecule of a liquid will destroy/infect/dilute the other 84 trillion molecules. Molecular Engineers (or the guy that has always drained everydrop since 1932 and never had a problem or their Grandpa said to always drain every drop) step forth.
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    Default Re: Oil Change on Tiller

    My nickles worth says fill it till about an inch from the top.This allows for heat expansion, and prevents seal blow-out...The gearbox normally will be hot to the touch when operating. My book says 90 wt oil.
    Okay, Legal disclaimer: Old but not senile, definitely do not have the answer to everything!

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