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    Default rough engine, near stalling - dirty mystery fuel filter

    This at first seems pretty basic problem & solution......but....

    BX25 - 130 hours. Couple of weeks ago (approx 10 hours time) engine suddenly started running rough, hesitating, and nearly stalling out, particularly going uphill......and after babying throttle for a short while, engine would run smoothly again, but only for a while until same problem....over and over.

    Thought I was running low on fuel. Took only about 3 gal's. Problem not solved.

    Thought it was air in fuel line. Followed procedure in manual to bleed air from fuel line (key to on position for 30 sec's listening to pump clicking away, to pump fuel and push out air, before then cranking starter). Problem not solved.

    Thought it might be bad fuel, perhaps water in fuel. Manual said to purge water periodically, referring to some kind of bleed valve somewhere unspecified, but couldn't find it. Checked my parts manual. Couldn't find fuel drain-purge valve. Checked my shop service manual. No reference to this mysterious phantom purge valve.

    Now puzzled and worried, because I had my 50 hour service (at 75 hours) and I know they changed the fuel filter because I watched the job.

    Went back to the manuals, and learned that there's TWO fuel filters on BX25, and perhaps all BX series too! Filter I didn't know about is under the tractor frame, just in front of hydro transmission. Fuel pathway as follows - - Tank - filter #1 - pump - filter #2 (under hood next to engine block) - etc.

    I realized then that in my 50 (75) hour service, they didn't do the 1st filter that's under the tractor! Looked underneath frame, saw it was filled with unhealthy looking brown fuel that didn't seem right. Bit of a tussle to get the old filter off (hemostats to clamp fuel lines on both sides so I wouldn't take a diesel shower lying on my back right under the filter) and awkward location for releasing hose clamps and bracket that holds filter in place .... but after an annoying 20 min's on my back under the machine, plus crawling out a few times to get tools I didn't think I'd need for the job, got new filter finally in place, and everything reconnected.

    Did the 30 second air purge again....then cranked the starter.....first a cough or two, then strong startup. Problem solved. Have put approx 10 hours on machine since the new filter went in, and now running solid and not a bit of hesitation or roughness.

    Moral of story - - be sure to change the first filter under the frame! It's the first place in the fuel pathway where gunk will clog the flow and fuel-starve the machine! Won't help a bit if you only change filter #2 if #1 is clogged!
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    Default Re: rough engine, near stalling - dirty mystery fuel filter

    I have about 330 hours on my BX2350, and I've had my rear filter clog up twice. Almost the exact same thing, it looked kind of brown inside the filter. I even cut it open once to see what was inside, but it wasn't really gunked up or full of water like I thougt it would be. Both time I change mine, I cut the line loose on the engine side of the filter, and fuel would barely flow, change the filter and it flows great.

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    Default Re: rough engine, near stalling - dirty mystery fuel filter

    That first filter often gets grass in it , and grass sticks to paper
    intermittently , so the diesel flow-rate changes . At least grit
    sits in same place ( usually ! ) and causes less problems. There's
    no reason why the fuel sender/filter can't be next to the engine
    bay filter , which would be much easier . That filter is only to
    protect the injector pump from sender-unit breakup debris.
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    Default Re: rough engine, near stalling - dirty mystery fuel filter

    My neighbor's BX24 had the same problem so I ordered him a filter and replaced it for him. Runs like new again.
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    Default Re: rough engine, near stalling - dirty mystery fuel filter

    I have a 2006 BX24. 106 hrs. just started using it.
    It started right up today.
    Then it hacked and coughed, blew black smoke, then stopped.
    Would not start.
    Changed both fuel filters.
    Bled the lines.
    Still will not start.
    I hear the fuel pump and it gets warm. But it seems like it isnt getting any fuel.

    any thoughts?


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    Default Re: rough engine, near stalling - dirty mystery fuel filter

    Pull the fuel line off the engine side of the filter , turn the ignition
    lights on to activate pump , and see if it pumps out ( catch your fuel ! ).
    You should hear the sender-pump clicking as it pumps too .
    BX2360 54"MMM

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    Default Re: rough engine, near stalling - dirty mystery fuel filter

    Brown fuel--- could it be water? Imagine that,,,My first filter which I added at the tank is opaque to help spot trash, before it gets to the final filter, which costs more>>
    Okay, Legal disclaimer: Old but not senile, definitely do not have the answer to everything!

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    Default Re: rough engine, near stalling - dirty mystery fuel filter

    Had enough water in my lower filter one time to freeze up a few years back. Of course when there was a foot of snow to be moved. Took it in the house to thaw then blew it out. Ran like a champ and got the snow cleared.
    I did replace them both shortly after because they looked pretty dirty too. You can see the clear of the water and darker yellow fuel inside if you shine a light behind it..... so they do collect water as well as gunk as they should.

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    Default Re: rough engine, near stalling - dirty mystery fuel filter

    One more reason to replace the first fuel filter
    with RACOR fuel filter water separator to solve
    this problem forever.

    The RACOR fuel filtration system can bring the
    diesel fuel clean down to 2 micron and remove
    all the water for you and you can drain the water
    and any dirt visible in the fuel bowl.

    I am certainly glad I have the model 500FG to
    filter my kerosene.

    I wil be replacing the gasoline fuel filter on my
    tractor and adding a unit for my truck with RACOR
    units to reduce the water issues due to ethanol to zero.

    AS my Illustrious fuel supplier has decided to charge me
    $400 per month for my kerosene budget payment I have
    pretty much decided that I will be running wood and coal
    around the clock when the time comes by pulling the
    ignition module.

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