My B20's backhoe is once again acting up. I was merrily digging with the BT650 Auto-Return backhoe when suddenly it stopped swinging. This has happened before and after a rest of an hour or so it once again swings. This time I want to find out just what is causing it to stop swinging - left or right.

I have read that there is a connector near the T handles that becomes corroded. Not so in this case. Wd40 just in case. But the green lighted button lights when depressed - the one for RTD (return to dig) so it looks like it has power.

I need a wiring diagram to check voltages. I have searched the archives and found none. Any help out there?


PS I have removed both swing solenoids after they caps popped of and made a "permanent" repair to them so it can't happen again. If anyone is interested I have fotos and a description.

I also have a fix for the wobbly handle on the backhoe, the one you grab when getting out - the welds break and it becomes unusable. I am 6 foot three and go 225 pounds so I needed the handle to help me get out of the backhoe seat. I have fotos of that fix as well if anyone is interested.