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    Default Leaking Water Pump BX2200

    I am getting coolant coming out of a weep hole in the water pump. I am not sure what this indicates? should I replace the entire pump? Or just the seal and/or impeller and shaft?

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    Default Re: Leaking Water Pump BX2200

    The weep hole is there to drain water in the case the seal goes bad. Hard to say why it went bad.. Could be a bearing wore out and caused the seal to go, or the seal just wore out.

    On cars it is cheaper/easier to replace the whole unit, and the parts stores usually take a core. I'd imagine it is the same with tractors.

    Looking at the parts diagram, they sell it as a unit or parts but the impeller looks like a press fit so it is probably not serviceable w/o replacing everything anyway.

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    Default Re: Leaking Water Pump BX2200

    If your a do it yourself kind of guy I would go with the hole pump assy.much easier and no special tools required.Everybody's skill level varys so in the end it's up to you.Replacing seal and bearing will require some special equipment such as a press and the proper holding fixture to get everything lined up when pressing together.good luck, it's not uncomon for a seal to leak with the age of your tractor
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