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    Default ZD326 rear main oil seal leak?

    What would cause a rear main oil seal to all of a sudden start to leak on a ZD326 with 400hrs? It has been about 60hrs since the last oil change and I make frequent checks on all fluid levels. Today I noticed a wet spot on the garage floor behind the mower and found oil on the frame under the flywheel. Checked the oil level and sure enough it was down a little. It is hard to get a good look in that area, but it appears to be the rear main seal leaking. Any ideas on what could be the cause.
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    Default Re: ZD326 rear main oil seal leak?

    I have a ZD326 with 225 hours on it and the rear main seal is leaking on mine also. I talked to a dealer this morning about it and he said it was a pretty common prbolem. Said there was a tech bulletin on that problem but was no recall. Said the seal had been redesigned. I'm going to write or call Kubato and see if I can get some help on this issue.

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    Default Re: ZD326 rear main oil seal leak?

    My mower is 4 yrs old, so I guess kubota won't be any help. I'll contact the dealer to see if I can get a copy of the bulletin.
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    Default Re: ZD326 rear main oil seal leak?

    Mine started leaking at 200hrs. Spoke to my dealer about the rear seal problem and he said he would contact kubota and give me a call. This was 6 monthes ago at the end of mowing season. Was hoping I could get it in and fixed since there was a known bulletin out on this problem. Stopped by the dealer to pick a couple sets of blades last month and asked if they had heard anything from Kubota. Mang said he had not heard back yet and still had my phone number and would give them another call. I am still holding my breath. I shot an E-Mail to Kubota about the problem before talking to the dealer and have received no response.

    Mine is not leaking bad enough to have to add oil between oil changes. It is just making a mess staining my garage floor,keep a diaper under my nice mower and makes the flywheel area look nasty with oil and dust..

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    Default Re: ZD326 rear main oil seal leak?

    I use a fuel additive every time I get fuel. I had been using Stanadyne Performance Formula and switched to another brand. It was after I switched that the seal started leaking. I switched back to Stanadyne Performance and the leak stopped. Haven't has a problem since. I have a friend with a ZD331 with 1700 hrs and noticed his is leaking. He is going to try using Stanadyne to see if it has any affect on the leak. If it does I'll post a follow up.
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    JD Gator CX
    Kubota ZD326

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