I have had Bro-Tek wheel spacers on our BX-24 since we bought it, and I just wanted to shout out that they have proven a very worthwhile investment.

I run chains on all four tires in the winter. I cannot imagine trying to install/run chains in the back without the spacer.

I run on uneven ground (woods, lawn, etc.) all year, and the extra margin of stability is obvious.

I tend to end up in mud a lot. Having the rear wheels track outside the ruts left by the front wheels gives a bit more oomph to get me to dry ground.

I recently had to remove one of the spacers to clean up the threads. I looked closely at the axle assembly, bearing, and whatnot, and I could see absolutely no evidence of wear or tear caused by having the spacers on.

There are some folks that are unimpressed or concerned about the forces on the axles. I can only say that I love 'em, and see no evidence of excessive forces at work. I'll admit that I'm very rough on my BX, and I'm sure I'd be seeing problems if there was an opportunity for failure!