Hello everyone, I had a B21 and spent a significant amount of time researching the various ways to easily to switch over to forks which has to be the second handiest device besides the bucket as well as a front snow blower which is a pain to snow blow in reverse. I decided to use an ATI quick attach (Tach All) which turns the TL421 loader into a skid steer front attachment. I bought a set of light duty forks as well as a 3PT hitch so I could mount my 3PT snow blower to the front end. Since I have gone to a larger kubota, I no longer need my ATI Tach All for the B21. If any member is interested, send me a PM. Thanks Scott

If you are interested in learning about how I mounted / operated my 60" Kubota blower on the front of the tractor, please call me at 262-719-4047