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    Default B2920 owner, thinking about getting Hoe,,,questions?


    I have a B2920, 2010,,I do not have a backhoe ,,, when I spec'd the tractor I knew I wasn't ordering a hoe, so I never even asked any questions, knowing that it would fit if needed was enough for me.

    I really use and depend upon my 3 pt hitch, sometimes using two or three implements per day, so I can't do without it.

    I saw a few people post that they didn't have a 3 pt hitch because they spec'd their machines with the hoe.,,,,,if I get the hoe, do I lose the ability to use my 3 pt hitch?,,,

    How difficult is it to mount and dismount,,,,the F.E.L is simple to get on and off,,,,is the hoe similar

    Would I have to attach and detach the 3 pt hitch arms????,,,,,that's a P.I.A

    I know this is likely a simple question,,,thanks in advance for your help
    Avatar is an old Satow Beaver where the PTO turns the wrong way,,,,CURRRENT RIDE Kubota B2920,R4's F.E.L ,with PB, 50gal sprayer, 15Kw 3pt 50amp generator,60" 3pt finish mower, 58' Tiller, 60" Blizzard 3pt Blower,5' KK bush hog, 7' Asian 3pt Hoe plumbed direct, tater popper

    Thank you and Love you Ellie for all you've done for me

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    I have a b2320 which is pretty much identical to your tractor.... Slightly less power. I went with woods b70x... Nice, well built backhoe.... Easy to put on and take off, but the best thing about it is that I can still keep my 3pt hitch. All you do is lower the hitch to the lowest position and attach the hoe.

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    I just bought the B2920 with the BH. I also have a 3pt hitch. There is a heavy bracket that is mounted to the frame dealer installed as part of the BH package. The only thing to removing is to pull 2 large pins then tip foward and bedaubing badauboom BH is removed. Disconnect hydraulic / 1 main feed and 1 return job done. I can remove mine in less than 2 minutes and get it back on in less than 5. The heavy bracket stays attached to the tractor but does not interfere with the 3 pt hitch.
    You do of course have to take off the 3 pt hitch hardware with the BH on, couldn't use both at same time anyway.
    The only thing I don't like is a linkage between the mid mount mower and 3pt hitch you have to have it to raise the deck but the bracket on the 3pt hitch has to be removed for the BH instal. Removing the side under the tractor is a pain. So I have a little tether wire to hold it in back when I run the BH to keep so I only have to remove the 3 pt hitch side. Much faster to put back together when I go to mow.

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