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    Default How do you chain/strap down your BX tractors

    I'm hauling my BX all over the place to cut small fields my M7040 wont get into. I haven't figured out how to strap it down as well as I'd like.
    Anyone got it figured out?

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    Default Re: How do you chain/strap down your BX tractors

    I truss mine up like a Christmas turkey. I'm a noob, so I'll get the terminology wrong. Corrections (to the terminology and technique) welcome.

    I use ratcheting straps. 1st one goes over the loader bucket cylinder rearward. 2nd one goes between the brush guard and front of the engine cover forward. 3rd one goes through a pin shackle I tie to the drawbar (if that's the right word) rearward. 4th one goes across the bush hog slightly forward to stabilize the hog.

    I use a fairly large diameter clear vinyl hose (low pressure water line I think) to protect the straps where they cross sharp-ish metal edges.

    I haven't had occasion to trailer it with the hoe on yet.

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    Default Re: How do you chain/strap down your BX tractors

    On our BX2660, there are 2 loops in the back above the 3 point hitch (intended to lock the arms in up position IIRC). I go through those and across to the other side of the trailer (ends up being ~45 degrees down and over)

    On the front, I think I hooked onto the top of the frame under the grill guard and went across to the other side in front, but the last time I loaded it was last winter when it had the plow on, so I might have gone onto something else.

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    Default Re: How do you chain/strap down your BX tractors

    Sorry I don't have pictures, but here's a description of what I did.
    First, mounted 4 solid forged 1/2" screw eyes to the trailer, one at each corner to serve as anchor points on the trailer. You could also use heavy duty D-rings, or similar, for the same purpose.

    Second, got 2 lengths of 3/8" transport chain, enough to stretch side-to-side, plus slack, one for the front set of anchor points; the other for the rear anchor points.

    Third, added a screw-pin clevis to each chain so the chain slips through the loop.

    Fourth, added a heavy angle bracket to the front weight bracket on the BX. TSC had a pre-drilled "stabilizer bracket" that I used, but it would be easy to make one from scratch.

    To tie down the tractor on the trailer, simply pass the screw pin for the front clevis through a hole in the front angle bracket and similarly attach the rear clevis pin using the drawbar hole below the rear pto, then tighten up each chain with a load binder and you're ready to go!

    Let me be the first to note that this setup doesn't meet the requirement to have the load held down with 4 separately secured attachment points, but it absolutely holds the BX in place, and it's way more than most of what we see on the road around here, which is mostly fabric strapping, and none too much of that. It could be converted to a full, 4 way setup without too much effort, but for my infrequent short hauls, this has been adequate so far.

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    Default Re: How do you chain/strap down your BX tractors

    I just use chain/binder on the four corners of the frame and strap FEL and BH (or rear implement). Ratchet the binders until the tires "squish". I am currently using the trailer's stake pockets, but plan to add D-rings like KeithinSpace did in an earlier thread (
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