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    Default B7100 slow hydraulics

    I have a buddy who has a kubota B7100, 4wd, front end loader, the tractor is in good cond., runs great but the hydraulics are sloooow motion, what would cause this, what can we check, thanks for any help or advice

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    Default Re: B7100 slow hydraulics

    Sounds like either restricted flow (gunked up filter or debris in system) or the pump is starting to lose it's fit tolerances to wear. You might try putting a post in the Hydraulics forum, if you haven't already, as there are some real hyd experts over there.
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    Default Re: B7100 slow hydraulics

    I just posted my experience cleaning the hydraulic filter and fluid. Search: B7100 hydraulic filter change MLD. I do go on a bit but there is some info in there. It is not hard to do once you know what to do. Just some large metric wrenches 27 mm and 22 mm as i remember an oil pan and fluid . My filter came out easy and cleaned up like new. Of Course this was an older gear drive
    and may not apply to your machine. It fixed the problem completely. Good luck I'll look for your post.


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