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    Default There should be a section entitled "Hope nobody saw me do that!"

    Ok so I'm a wannabe tractor guy. I'm gonna make a few mistakes but sometimes... It's not enough that the wife not only stays in the house when I'm tractor'en, she stays in the far side of the dwelling.

    So there ah was... picking up small boulders out of a shallow ravine like it was nothing. Of course I hadn't reversed the seat, I just turned around I just like my expert "been on tractors since I was 10" neighbors. I was going slow and placing them on one side so I could reverse direction and scoopem up. I didn't feel like I needed to use the backhoe outriggers to fully lift the tractor off the ground so I put them down enough to stabilize. (read the rear tires are still on the ground).

    Got the last one out, remembered to take the parking brake off, AND lift up the bucket so I don't scrape. As I started forward I thought man this slope must be steeper than it looks, I'm going real slow. I checked to see if I was in 4 wheel drive... yep. Well I guess I just need to increase the rpms. About 4 ft later I noticed that I still had the out riggers down and had scraped two 4' lines (very evenly spaced and straight I might add). Talk about looking dumb! Of course the wife happens to look out the window and one of my neighbors stops by. Now I know I can tell the wife this is some type of advance ground scraping technique that I learned from Tractorbynet but my neighbor is convinced I'm an idot.

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    Default Re: There should be a section entitled "Hope nobody saw me do that!"

    Those are the moments that I'm most proud of. I even have a photo album on Facebook called OOPS just to share them with everyone I know.

    Embrace it, take pictures and share them!!!!!!!


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    Default Re: There should be a section entitled "Hope nobody saw me do that!"

    When I stop and get off of the tractor, I normally drop all implements to the ground, and that includes my ballast barrel and FEL. Well the FEL is not much trouble to remember as it is right out front where you are looking. But I have drug the ballast barrel a foot or 2 once or twice. Makes quite a racket on pavement. If dragging the outriggers for a few feet is the worse you ever do, I wouldn't lose much sleep over that.

    James K0UA
    James KUA

    Kioti DK35se hydrostat with 2 QA buckets, 48 inch. King Kutter Rotary Cutter. 750 lbs ballast box. Loaded tires, Construction Attachments SSQA Lightweight Pallet forks. EA 50 inch single lid "wicked" Grapple. Satisfied Everlast PA160 welder owner How to add a link to a post . Best way to search TBN

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    Default Re: There should be a section entitled "Hope nobody saw me do that!"

    Last week I was going to finish plowing a field. I backed my tractor out from where it was parked while I was stowing the junk I had along - sunglasses, Powerade, gloves, etc. I must have bumped the 3 point lever. Dropped the plow enough so that when I took off the tips of the shares were digging into my gravel drive. I didn't notice until about 100 yards down the drive when I turned off and the plow dug in. That was when I realized something was wrong, looked back, and saw those 2 grooves down the drive. Took a bit to get them graded out. Fortunately my wife is the only one who saw them - the good thing about living out in the sticks.
    JD7720; KubotaM135GX; NH TS115A; JD6230; KubotaL5740

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    Default Re: There should be a section entitled "Hope nobody saw me do that!"

    I never..never make a mistake..never. And if i did, no one would live to tell about it
    currently own
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    I cut a culvert in two with my subsoiler, felt real smart that day.

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    Default Re: There should be a section entitled "Hope nobody saw me do that!"

    Quote Originally Posted by dusty3030 View Post
    I cut a culvert in two with my subsoiler, felt real smart that day.
    Awww, that'll buff right out!

    Nahh, I've never left ruts behind me from the feet of the logging winch. Nope. No sirree. Nor have I driven away with the parking brake on. A man would have to be a fool to do that!

    "Being a pessimist is great. You can't lose. Either you end up being right...or you are pleasantly surprised."

    L5240HST, QA, 824 Loader, 48" Forks, 48" Grapple, rear blade, box blade, landscape rake, Ancient Farmi Skidding winch
    Trailer - 10k/16' twin axle w/elec brakes
    2005 F250 5.4V8(3V) 3.73/4wd tow vehicle

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    Default Re: There should be a section entitled "Hope nobody saw me do that!"

    As my Daddy told me often enough, "Not even I am perfect. I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong."
    Kubota L3700SUHST, AG-Meier Mohawk 5' Rotary Cutter, Armstrong AG 5' Boxblade, Armstrong AG 5' Landscape Rake
    Scotts 50560x8 50" Riding Mower

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    Default Re: There should be a section entitled "Hope nobody saw me do that!"

    I don't make mistakes...only errors in judgement!
    2006 BX24, 6' Modern Implements rake, Woods RB60 rear blade, Wallenstein thumb, Bro-Tek rear skid plate, home made front skid plate, W.R. Long flat tooth bar, 4' finishing mower (TPH), 4' box blade, post hole digger, New style seat!!!!!, Agri-Fab drop spreader.

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    Default Re: There should be a section entitled "Hope nobody saw me do that!"

    As long as you lived through it, it's nothing more then "An Opportunity for Improvement".
    Roy Jackson

    "Any government that does not trust its citizens with firearms is either a tyranny, or planning to become one."
    -Joseph P. Martino

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