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    Default Help with BX hydraulic line setup

    I have a 9210-B4 valve on my BX2200 tractor that I recently purchased. I purchased a plow separately but can't figure out how to hook up the lines. The 4 lines from the plow are color coded but not the same as the valve, apparently owner applied colors. I tried a bunch of combinations but lift and angle to work at the same time. Any ideas? Anyone with a manual for this valve?

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    I don't know the set up of that valve but i can tell you on the newer BX tractors, the outside two male QC's are one circuit and the inner two are the other. Tractor is out in the shed and it's dark (and no power in there) otherwise I'd check which is which. That said, I'd swear the outside QC's are for the lift or FEL boom and the inner two for the dump/curl. Did you try that combination? When I added aftermarket hydraulic angling to my plow, it took me a while to figure out how to hook up the lines and this is what worked. I've since color coded the plow hoses with colored tape. Good luck.

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    A follow-up to this. The valve body itself is by Husco but the entire assembly is a kubota BX2015.

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