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    Default Re: Buying loader - Ballast box or Carryall with box

    I have a BX2660 w/ LA243 and went with the box blade @ 382 pounds, filled rears and wheel weights. Have had no problems.

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    Default Re: Buying loader - Ballast box or Carryall with box

    The nice thing about a ballast box filled with concrete is, it's close to the tractor and don't hang way out to the side. You door on your garage or your trees will thank you. You will bang into them sooner or later. If you just need weight and aren't around any trees or building and are real careful when you turn, maybe an implement of some sort will work.

    I was using a box blade for weight and was working around trees and backed into a tree and the lift arm just curled up on me. I like compact.

    I have a ballast box and a heavy box blade. Give me a ballast box anytime for just digging and rutting around. If you have to dig and scrape and move dirt from here to there, maybe a box blade would work.

    Many owners manuals advise to load the tires with Calcium Chloride or Rim-Guard or whatever works in your area and to put something on the rear 3pt. You have to figure out how much weight exactly.. I wouldn't worry about punctures unless from past practice you get a lot of them.
    Filled tires and a ballast box or equivalent sure helps with FEL work and your front driving wheels won't take as much of a pounding because the rear weight will put more work on the beefier rear wheels.
    JD 3720 with R4s and bulldozer capabilities.

    13 Millimeter = 1/2"--------25 Milimeters=1"-----------100 Millimeter = 4"----------1 Meter = 40---------1 Kilometer = 3300' or 5:8 ratio

    A 13mm will but will be just slightly larger than a 1/2" nut.

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    Default Re: Buying loader - Ballast box or Carryall with box

    I use a box blade as ballast for medium/heavy loader work. It turns the BX2360 into a different animal in terms of traction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac25
    I also would recommend some type of 3 pt implement that could have a dual purpose. Grading scraper, grade box, rear blade, or something else you can get some use out of other than just having useless weight hanging off the back of the tractor. I know the weight itself is useful, but thats all its good for.
    I have a rototiller, it's probably heavy enough but I'm concerned about ground clearance. (for the tiller)
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