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    Default Tractor size versus bushhog size

    What size kubota do I need to run a 7-9ft bushhog or same size finishing mower? And do it to make a profit

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    Default Re: Tractor size versus bushhog size

    Your PTO HP should be 5HP per foot (width) for things like a finishing mower, rotary cutter, tiller, etc. So for a 7' bushhog you should look at least 35HP @ the PTO and for a 9' bushhog you should look at least 45HP @ the PTO. This is just a general rule of thumb.

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    Default Re: Tractor size versus bushhog size

    65-85 sounds about right. Ken Sweet

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    Default Re: Tractor size versus bushhog size

    Quote Originally Posted by sweettractors View Post
    65-85 sounds about right. Ken Sweet
    agreed, the 5 hp per foot rule only works to a 8 ft bush hog is way too much for a compact tractor of any horse power. a full sized utility tractor is required.

    also, to the op, not to be a sour grape, but I'm afraid you'll find it very hard to make any real profit on a machine doing a little mowing on the side, you may help pay for it, but I doubt you'll find yourself rolling in cash.

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    So a mx 51oo would b good for abt 8'

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    Default Re: Tractor size versus bushhog size

    Quote Originally Posted by joulian View Post
    What size kubota do I need to run a 7-9ft bushhog or same size finishing mower? And do it to make a profit
    As mentioned, the 5 HP/cutter foot is a rule-of-thumb. Here's a thread that discusses the efficacy of that rule for rotary cutters:

    To make a profit? That's a pretty broad question - do you mean that you will be offering custom bush hogging/finish mowing services? Profit equals total revenue minus total cost. What unit price will you charge ($/hr or acre) and how many units (hours or acres) do you expect to handle per year? Your costs will depend on the tractor and implement sizes you select and the number of units you expect to handle per year.


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    I have a landscape company. Sometimes we do clearing. I am trying to upgra de my heavier equipment side of the biz. How do mean number of implement "charging per year"?

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    Steve I m on my fone replying let me get home and respond better to ur post

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    Default Re: Tractor size versus bushhog size

    Definatally need a tractor larger than a standard cut.

    The larger Grand L's would work. As well as the M series.

    The L4400 would probabally be a good match to a 7' cutter, and is an economy priced tractor.

    The MX5100, I'd go up to an 8' cuter.

    Those are probabally the two most affordable tractors you will look at.

    The GrandL's and the M's are MUCH more $$$
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    Default Re: Tractor size versus bushhog size

    I have a MX5100 and I will not use an 8' cutter on my place. It sort of depends upon what and where you are mowing. The heavy duty rotary mowers, ie. Bushhog, Landpride, et. al. are heavyweight mowers and on hillsides, particularly with heavy brush, small trees, etc. are too much for the 5100. It will pull the mower, but even with the FEL and HD bucket it is light in the front end. Level ground with grass and light brush is a different matter. If you are for hire you are going to get some rough ground to mow. You can decline it of course, but if you are looking to make money I would go with a heavier tractor. Actually, I would prefer an older, used tractor for commercial mowing, look at what they are using on the highway right of ways. I love my 5100, but that's not what it's built for. As to a finishing mower, if you are going to be mowing lawn type turf a zero turn would be your best choice, it's much faster and a better cut with less weight.

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