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    Default Grading with a BX

    Just had a few hundred feet of trench dug. It included the length of the driveway. I'm putting in new water lines and underground power. Sand bedded water and 3, 2 & 1" conduit and backfilled with the 2660. All good. Then...finish grade time. What a riot! I have the FEL and the 48" box scrapper. The first little while was pretty frustrating. The analogy I'd use, it is like trying to flatten a conference table with a block plane. You may be able to do it, but holy smokes there is a reason that graders have those really long wheel bases, just like jointer planes have the really long body. I was finally able to pick a reasonable flat spot and work out from there. The driveway is fine now, but it wasn't pretty to watch

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    Default Re: Grading with a BX

    It is called learning and it sounds like you are catching on
    "If you're not making any mistakes then you're not doing anything"

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    Default Re: Grading with a BX

    Once you get in enough practice it won't be so bad; problem is "enough" is a LOT or it was for me.
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    Default Re: Grading with a BX

    I hear ya... I was trying to help a buddy put in a feed plot with my 2660. He spread the seed and I was supposed to just skim the surface with my tiller to set them. It looked like a washboard when I was done. Ya had to laugh to keep from screaming. LOL

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    Default Re: Grading with a BX

    If one of your neighbors has a 3 point land plane beg, borrow or steal it to drag the driveway with. Works way better than a box blade especially if you have a short wheel base tractor.

    Scoop up a good load of dirt in the FEL and curl it back fully. Drop the FEL to the ground and push the joy stick all the way forward until the bucket is free floating. Shift to reverse and back drag.

    You might be surprised at the results.
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