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    Default Cab for B2920

    Ordered B2920 should be here in month. One question I have is is there a reasonable/economical cab for this unit for winter work just to keep the cold wind and snow off me. I would want to take on and off easily so not a hard permanent cab.

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    Default Re: Cab for B2920

    You will find all sorts of threads on TBN on ways people have found to keep out of the wind, from inexpensive golf cart covers with homemade frames all the way to purchasing a near factory cabs like the one I and many others have added. The answer will come from your ability to do the work, the amount you want to spend and the time you want to spend doing it. Cheap, like under $500 cheap will involve a little creativity and a little elbow grease.

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    Unfortunately, Original Tractor Cab Co. only makes an economical cab for the BX series, not the B-Series. Too bad, since OTC provides excellent customer support and that option would have been the best price/performance as it's easy to install and remove.

    There's a few other commercially available cabs that will fit the Bxx20 series that you can look at (some of them are not very cheap though):

    Manufacturer Unknown Soft-sided Cabs - $1, 245 and $1600 (Note: Some of these cabs require the ROPS Fiberglass Canopy option to already be installed. In addition, several dealers sell this brand of side-sided tractor cab for around the same price, just Google for more.)
    Cab for B2920-kutencbk515-an132-2-jpg

    Curtis Industries WorkPro Bxx20 soft-sided cab - $2,750 (Note: The rear hard panel kit doesn't work with the backhoe option.)
    Cab for B2920-kubota_2320-72-5371-1-jpg

    Sims Cab Depot Yukon Hard-sided Cab - $3,255 (Note: Includes one hard-sided door, one fixed side panel, hard-sided removal rear window, and flat windshield.)
    Cab for B2920-yukoncab-jpg

    Sims Cab Depot Indy Hard-sided Cab - $4,062 (Note: Includes two hard-sided doors, hard-sided removal rear window, and curved windshield)
    Cab for B2920-indycab-jpg

    Tektite Kubota B2320 Series Cab - $4,700 (Note: One piece deluxe cab.)
    Cab for B2920-tektite-jpg

    Laurin Eclipse Cab - $5,566 (EL), $6,116 (ES), and $7,784 (EX) (Note: One piece deluxe cab. Comes in three different configurations.)
    Cab for B2920-laurin-jpg

    There's a number of European cabs available as well (such as this one for $4,568), but I don't know if they're imported into the US by any dealers.
    Cab for B2920-dsc_0106-jpg

    Out of that list, even though I went with the Sims Indy cab for my B2620, if I was trying get something good enough to stay dry - I'd definitely go with the Curtis Cab for the money (plus it's made right down the road from me in Worcester, MA.)

    And if I had to do it all over again, I'd probably just buy a B3000 with Factory Cab and forget about aftermarket tractor cab options all together!

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Cab for B2920

    Quote Originally Posted by gabrichter View Post
    Ordered B2920 should be here in month. One question I have is is there a reasonable/economical cab for this unit for winter work just to keep the cold wind and snow off me. I would want to take on and off easily so not a hard permanent cab.
    My son picked up a 4 wheeler cab at a yard sale for $20. I believe it normally goes for about $100, but even at that price, its a small fraction of a real hard cab. It fits under the ropes but is high enough that it's above my head when I'm sitting in the drivers seat. The soft cab has a internal round frame that is threaded through sleeves and holds the cab rigid. The front of it rests on the hood of the bota unless I'm using the FEL. I put some pipe insulation over that so that it would not scratch up the hood. It's definitely warmer when I'm in it, probably from my body heat, blocks the wind and keeps the snow off me. A few bungies keeps it held down.

    Something like this:

    4 Wheeler Enclosure for Sale

    Once I'm finished with the snow season, I take the frame apart, unthread it from the sleeves and it goes into a box for storage until the next winter.

    I have a B2920.
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    Default Re: Cab for B2920

    Try You will need a fiberglass or plastic sun shade to mount to. Reasonable. Good luck!

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