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    Default everythingattachments vs other Box Blades

    I am looking to buy a box blade for my new BX25. I have no experience in box blades and am not sure what to look for. I have looked at pictures of the everythingattachments and Kutter King, Land Pride. The Land Pride teeth appear hard to adjust the depth.
    Anyone have comments on any of these - or other - brands?
    Thanks for any input

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    Default Re: everythingattachments vs other Box Blades

    The major rule of thimg for any ground engaging implement is its structural strength before the actual weight above all else.

    You need to know if the welds are continuos or simple short line welds at the corners of the box blade and whether there is any reinforcement at the corner welds with additional steel of gusset welds ( a gusset weldment is small steel piece weldment that looks like a right traingle.

    Finding out the steel thickness and whether it is made out of wear resistant steel referred to as AR PLATE-Attack resistant steel plate.

    Another thing is whether it has or may have a full length piece of steel tube that strengthens the entire body of the box blade like a tubular steel weldment that is welded to the front of a flail shredder to add structural strength to the frame weldments as a whole supprting and protecting the shredders hood structure and keeping th eend weldments true to avoid racking and twisting.

    If the scarifying teeth are difficult to remove it may be a bad design issue but remember that the tooth is or may be in the ground and all the force of forward motion is being concentrated on the individual tooth and it has to deal with rocks and more rocks unless you have sand for soil of course

    Look at the weight "only" because you are limited in lifting weight for the three point hitch and its capability within the geometry of the implement carriers lower links and the hydraulic pressure available.

    ANother major factor is whether you have loaded tires as any ground engaging implement will stop your forward motion and spin your wheels if the rake or blade is loaded enough so if you do not have loaded tires you should have them filled if you are going to use a ground engaging implement.

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    Default Re: everythingattachments vs other Box Blades

    I have a LP 1548 and love the durablity of the box. the desgin of tooth adjustment is not hard at all. remove large cotter key and pin then postion in one of the four hole. replace pin and clip. it is a very stout desgin in my mind.
    just my 2cents

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    Default Re: everythingattachments vs other Box Blades

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    Default Re: everythingattachments vs other Box Blades

    For a BX (subcompact) look at the Land Pride BB0548. Built for the small subs..

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