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    Default Transmission Oil / Gearbox Oil the same?

    I have a woods GTC40-2 tiller. The manual is pathetic for a newb like me. Is the transmission oil the same as the gearbox oil? Can I just pick one of the recommended oils below and use for both?

    ESSO: Gear Oil CZ80 W/90
    AGIP: F1 Rotra 80W/90
    SH ELL: Dentax 90
    MOBIL: Mobildue C90 TOT AL: FT 90

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    Default Re: Transmission Oil / Gearbox Oil the same?

    Yes it is the same on my tillers also. Just use any 80/90 weight gear oil and your good to go. On my tillers the same oil is used in both the gear box and side gears/chain case. I'm going to use Amsoil 75/90 on my Kuhn EL62 210. My manual said to "use synthetic if severe duty is anticipated".......oooooooookay. ESSO gear oil huh? I would guess the Woods is made in Italy and you might have a hard time finding those gear oil brands as I think they are all Euro brands that might not be over here. Good safe bet is go to your local JD dealer and get some JD "severe gear" 80/90wt and change it. I've found on my tillers that that first "factory" gear oil gets tiny "sparkles" in it from the gears wearing smooth on initial use. Good idea to change the side case and gearbox after about 20 hours of use.

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