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    Default New member with BX24 in France

    I was holidaying in SC in Spring last year visiting an old friend near Charleston. As I have a holiday property in France he took me to the local kubota dealer to see how things were done in the US. I was smitten by a BX24 (back hoe + loader) with 70 hours on the clock at under $15,000. It seemed very cheap by European standards, and the BX models are not available in Europe.
    It was only when I went to France for the summer that I realised how useful it could be. I contacted the dealer and eventually bought it with a tiller, bush hog and back blade. I did have a fair bit of difficulty in finding shipping agents who could do door-to-door - and at a reasonable price.
    The biggest mistake so far is that I did not realise that a hitch was needed to connect the implements to the tractor. (The dealer should have pointed out at the time the advantage of having a hitch.) I had to get one posted from the US at great expense.
    A little help please.
    Does anyone know the European equivalent for spare parts?
    Where can I download a service manual?
    Occasionally nothing happens when I try to start it. If I leave it and go back to it, it usually starts. It seems to be some sort of safety cut-out thing. I have checked the electrical contacts under the seat, but they seem OK. Any suggestions?

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    None currently


    Welcome to TBN.
    Muhammad Chishti

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    Default Re: New member with BX24 in France

    welcome to TBN! and wow - a BX24 from France!

    I am not sure of any European equivalent as everything I do is USA stuff.
    Anyways- as for the 3 pt hitch - the BX24's comes with 3 pt when new in a large picture sized carboard box. was your BX used? that might explain the missing part. I would call the dealer and inquire about them. The BX25 doesnt come with 3 pt hitch parts.
    As for the service manual - what you are referring to is a WSM (work shop manual). If you are looking for the maintaince schedule - I can scan a copy of that page if you are missing the owners manual. the usa version of owners manual should be under the seat in a black plastic bag on top of diesel tank.
    The starting problem - I think its the HST pedal not centered. I would rock it a little bit and make sure its centered before glowing plugs.
    There is one favorite website I use for parts on kubota stuff, but I am not sure if they will ship internationally? Its Kubota BX24 Parts .
    I would check with them and see if they can help out.
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    Default Re: New member with BX24 in France

    Welcome to TBN. Good info from radioman on which I can't improve. It is not hard to bump one of the levers on some tractors to the point you can't tell by looking, so going backing checking them usually fixes the problem.

    Once you get a few hours on, all this will become second nature.

    Here is a generic link that might help you maintain your tractor.

    kubota BX Service

    I use the volumes as a guideline only and check with the dipstick to get the right amount.

    Oftentimes on the front axle, you will need to use it a while and recheck.

    Enjoy your tractor.
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    Default Re: New member with BX24 in France

    Welcome to TBN!!!

    I don't think I've ever some across a story like yours. Best of luck with your BX!
    Kyle - CompactTractorFan

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    Default Re: New member with BX24 in France

    regarding the occasional no-start...
    have a look at the safety switch on the PTO engaging lever at your left thigh.
    on my BX24 it was very touchy... if I brushed it getting off the tractor on the left side, it would not start (or turn over) next time.
    I took off the left rear wheel for easy access to the switch bracket, and as there are elongated mounting holes, was able to move the switch so that it is no longer a problem.
    enjoy your toy (er, machine)... I love mine.


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    Default Re: New member with BX24 in France


    I moved your thread to the kubota Owning/Operating Forum.
    TBN Support

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    Default Re: New member with BX24 in France


    Hope you get your questions and problems resolved. There are a lot of helpful people here. Every one has covered what I could tell you already.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: New member with BX24 in France

    Welcome to TBN, Jim,

    You should belong to the system KUBOTA EUROPE SAS
    Try to contact for the spares via the link:
    Kubota (U.K.) Limited - Contact Us
    Tell them your situation. I'm sure they'll help you. My dealer gets the parts from them for me. I'm in similar situation, but dealer orders and supplies any part for my US market tractor.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: New member with BX24 in France

    Bonjour et bienvenue sur TBN
    2007 Kubota BX2350
    Quebec, Canada

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