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    Default Replacing HST Fan on BX 2200


    I'm in the process of replacing the HST fan on my BX 2200. I'm very green at fixing a tractor or anything mechanic for that matter. I have purchased the HST fan and the workshop manual.

    I'm stuck at the step where I need to remove the "Step Plate" and "Step". I've got all the bolts off. However, I'm stuck with the following:

    1) Remove the cutting height adjusting dial: how do you remove it without breaking anything? Is it removing the black plastic part or the entire "shaft". Manual does not specify how.

    2) There are 2 black plastic "screws" holding the "step" and "step plate" together. There are located near the battery. I keep turning them and they don't come out. Holding something underneath doesn't help. How do these come out?

    For those that have the workshop manual. I'm stuck at page 2-S12 "Speed Control Pedal, Lever Guides and Step" step.



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    Default Re: Replacing HST Fan on BX 2200

    Hi, I tore my BX 2230 apart last fall. The cutting height knob and the 3ph flow control are just plastic shoved onto their respective shafts. I took mine apart because the mower height control was totally broken off the frame.

    Those "screws" (why did they put a phillips head on them
    ) are just plastic rivets. If you can figure out how to get underneath them and squeeze them together, you might be able to get them out. I gave up and am running without them now.

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    Default Re: Replacing HST Fan on BX 2200

    OK it's official. I am now treating my HST Fan as carefully as my beautiful daughter the day she was born.

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    Default Re: Replacing HST Fan on BX 2200

    A while back there was a guy designing a 2-part replacement BX fan. It was a good design in that you didnt have to disassemble anything to change it. Wonder if he ever got it to market?

    Some have cut the fan in half then installed. If/when I break mine, that's what i'm doing.

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    Default Re: Replacing HST Fan on BX 2200

    Getting that step plate off is tough, but with some wriggling you will get it. That fan is a PITA to change.

    Do a search here, there have been some good threads about this topic.

    While you are in there, check the cv joints & boots and grease if needed. They just have some ball bearings and weak boots that dry out fast. Also, if your fanbelt is worn, now is the time also since you need to remove the driveshaft to get the belt off.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: Replacing HST Fan on BX 2200

    I have done this also, twice now, so I made a guard to protect the HST fan, the fuel pump and filter. I don't the MMM as it is a PITA. I will post some pix of the guard later. So far so good, no more busted HST fans, I hope.

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