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    Default Tractor loses power and shuts off????

    My M6800 has recently started losing power and cutting off at random times. Seems a little worse when the fuel is low, but that might be imagined as it also has done it at 1/2 full. It suddenly starts chugging and then cuts off. It will not restart without going thru process of bleeding the fuel line with the little pump and valve opening as the manual describes. It will eventually crank, sputter, and then run strong again. Was recently serviced and filters are new. What could it be? A fuel issue, fuel pump, debris in the line? It seems to have started last year when the tractor was used in dusty conditions with the fuel tank cap off but a mechanic cleaned the tank (or at least said he did). However this may not be related. It runs great most of the time but this happens fairly regularly. Kinda scary when it cuts off going downhill with a 3000 lb disc behind me. Where should I start?

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    Default Re: Tractor loses power and shuts off????

    Hmmmm, could be sucking air into the fuel system but where is the question? Do you get fuel at the same location, maybe a bad fuel or continually contaminated fuel? If it were me, I would make sure the fuel filter is new or been changed. Remove the fuel tank and clean and start with new fuel from a different source. If that doesn't fix it maybe the fuel pump is next.
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    Default Re: Tractor loses power and shuts off????

    My L3130 does the same thing. I know it has crud in the fuel tank. I have no idea on how to remove the tank to clean. The shop wants $130.00 to start..... Good luck with yours. Have fun and stay safe.....

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    Default Re: Tractor loses power and shuts off????

    Quote Originally Posted by HCJtractor View Post
    What could it be? A fuel issue, fuel pump, debris in the line?

    Most tanks have a screen inside the tank - I'd start there. Hard to see, hard to get at, they press-fit on, pop off eaily, and allow crud to float over the open line & vcut off fuel flow. Dealt with that for a summer with my Ford 5200- never did get the tank clean, but got the little filter back on and works good again.

    Otherwise, replace all filters, you might have gotten a bad one, or an air leak in the connections, changinging the filter(s) again might catch up with the problem.

    Pull the line that feeds into your pump, see how much fuel dribbles out. If it shoots out in a nice stream, the problem is either crud occationally floating over the port in the tank, or something bfrom the filter byond. If the fuel is dribbling out in little puffs, you got a plugged line/ tank filter etc.


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