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    Default L3800 & Land Pride RCR 1860 Rotary Mower

    So yesterday I got my first tractor/FEL w/ trailer, box blade, post hole digger, and mower. Yup, great day and I'm surprised at how fast all the controls come natural to the driver (especially someone as dumb as me). So I mowed some yesterday in a grass field but after noticed the blades were not free swinging. This is the slip clutch model. Am I right? They look like 1 and 3/4 or maybe 2" nuts. I should loosen them till the blade swings Perhaps they tighten them for shipping.

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    Default Re: L3800 & Land Pride RCR 1860 Rotary Mower

    I've got the same cutter and haven't had many problems with it. When they say free swinging, it means they will move if you hit something solid. You'll probably be able to move them if you brace against something and pull.

    I do give mine a spray of penetrating oil at the bushings a few times a year. I had one jam under the other on one occasion when I shut the tractor off with the PTO still engaged. Took some swearing and pulling to get them apart.

    As I recall, there's a pretty high torque on the nuts, 450 ft lbs comes to mind, so don't loosen them.


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    Default Re: L3800 & Land Pride RCR 1860 Rotary Mower

    Fine rig! I love mine!

    Don't worry, the blades will be free swinging enough after you hit a few things with em. "D
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    Default Re: L3800 & Land Pride RCR 1860 Rotary Mower

    The blades will swing freely after you hit your first rock! LOL

    Nice rig and cutter!

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    Default Re: L3800 & Land Pride RCR 1860 Rotary Mower

    I have a L3400 with the same cutter. After a while of cutting, Raise the mower as high as you can then block it up with jack stands. Hold on to the dishpan and move the blades around getting the dirt and grass out of between the blades and dishpan. You can use penetrating oil if needed but when I tried that, It collected more dirt and the blades clogged up.

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    Default Re: L3800 & Land Pride RCR 1860 Rotary Mower

    i too have the same bush hog and my blades were tight in the beginning. i use the graphite spray on them and it helps. they should loosen up a bit over time with use. as long as they are out in the cutting position and you can get them there, they should be ok until they wear in. keep an eye on if you notice any vibration in the bush hog as that might mean one blade is jammed back a bit and throwing it off balance. that is hard on the gear box/seals. happened to me a little bit in the beginning. i would use dry spray lube, dry graphite spray. any thing oily will work at first, but cause dust/debris to stick and actually make it worse later on, so stick with the dry lubes. good luck. i think it is a great bush hog.

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