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    Default Shop Manual vs. Operator's Manual: 50-hour Maintenance on L-Series

    Hi folks,

    I have a kubota L3240 HST-C and just finished my 50-hour periodic service about 5 engine hours ago. Or thought I finished it. I went by the list of procedures called out in the operator's manual, which included changing the engine oil and filter, and the "transmission oil filter (HST)." It didn't say anything about changing the transmission fluid, but I did anyway, since I had to drain it to change the filter. I wondered about changing the hydraulic filter as well, but the maintenance list doesn't have that occur until the 400 hour mark. I did all the stuff that the manual told me to do, and then patted myself on the back for getting through it and learning something in the process.

    Then I thought I'd like to have the workshop manual on hand for a reference, so I ordered one from my Kubota dealer. I was skimming through the early pages when I noticed on page G-6 that it says to replace both the transmission oil filter and hydraulic filter at 50 hours, which is different from what the operator manual says.

    I'm not looking forward to having to drain out all that Super UDT fluid just in order to replace a filter that the operator's manual says I don't have to touch until 400 hours. It's more than just laziness on my part; I'm concerned that in all the transferring of fluid, I might accidentally introduce some contaminants. Also, there's the problem of how to get the fluid back into small enough containers to conveniently lift and pour into the fluid inlet. Of course, if it has to be done, it has to be done. Has anyone else noticed the discrepancy between the shop manual and the operator's manual? Can I get by with what the operator's manual told me to do?

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    Default Re: Shop Manual vs. Operator's Manual: 50-hour Maintenance on L-Series

    Why change the fluid and not the filter? Usually you change the filter at 50 then filter and fluid at 400.

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    Default Re: Shop Manual vs. Operator's Manual: 50-hour Maintenance on L-Series

    My kubota L3400HST manual called for both filters to be changed but not the fluid until 400 hours.. However since you changed the fluid, thats OK. however you should change the Hydraulic filter too.. You should be able to change the hydraulic filter without a lot of loss of fluid, there are two methods I know of. Method 1 requires a helper to hold a shop vac at the fluid filler neck and pull a vacuum while the second persons unscrews the filter and changes it out rapidly. Method number 2 is just park sideways on a steep incline with the filter on the high side.. the idea is the fluid will fall away from the filter.. Change filter without much fluid loss.. I have done method number 1, with a loss of about 1 quart total of fluid. It did suck up some fluid mist from the bubbling of air into the filter port and out towards the filler neck. I would try the second method. Give it a try. But I would change out that filter.

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    Default Re: Shop Manual vs. Operator's Manual: 50-hour Maintenance on L-Series

    Change the filters not the oil - I did the oil and it was a waste of good hydraulic oil. No need to drain the oil - do as K0ua suggests above

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    Default Re: Shop Manual vs. Operator's Manual: 50-hour Maintenance on L-Series

    I just finished changing ALL the filters on my L3240 HST because it is at the 800 hour mark.I tipped the tractor on its side by using the backhoe outriggers one side at a time to change the HST and hydraulic filters.I put the shop vac over the inlet hole to keep from losing much fluid.I was by myself but the suction of the vacuum was enough to hold it on the inlet opening.I lost about 2 liters total but most of that was what was in the filters.I had tried this before without the vacuum but would not recommend it as I lost a lot of fluid from the suction filter side,it really gushed out.
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    Default Re: Shop Manual vs. Operator's Manual: 50-hour Maintenance on L-Series

    My son loses less than a quart of fluid when changing both filters on ours. He doesn't lean it or use a vacuum.

    Check your new filter to see if it comes with a magnet; been some debate and different results on here.
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