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Got home from work and here's what I found. The large BAKELITE fill cap has a slot on the outside edge that is definately there for a purpose. The smaller piece that is screwed into the resevoir (that has the large screwdriver slot has a small hole in the center of the screwdriver slot. It appears that the "Breather" design is for any pressure to go from the resevoir through the small hole to the slot on the side of the fill cap. Dumb design - but I can see how it would work and it would be difficult for anything to block the slot AND the hole from the outside.

My FILL cap with the slot on the side was fine. The smaller cap piece that has the screwdriver slot with the hole in the center had "GUNK" plugging up the hole! It appeared that trash or something was plugging that hole. I took a large paper clip and had to really work it around to get the gunk out of the hole. The gunk looked like a drop of clear sealant or gasket material that had gotten stuck in that hole. I can see how that plugged hole would not let anything through. If any pressure was in the resevoir - it was going to stay there - nothing was getting through that hole.

I won't know if clearing the hole will help until this weekend. I'm hopeful this will help!!!!!

Thanks again!!!!!
It sounds like you might have found something! If that appears to fix the problem, consider switching to one of the more modern breathers. The design is MUCH better.