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    Default Re: B2410 3 Point Lifting Capacity

    Figured out my problem:

    1. Slightly low on hydraulic fluid. Not a huge amount - maybe a quart or so.

    2. This is what was really causing the problem - there is an adjustable section of linkage from the control arm by the seat and the actual exterior portion of the piston. A simple connection - double nut on some threaded rod with an eye between the two. My particular linkage had at least a half inch of slack where one of the nuts had backed off, so when I pulled on the oerating arm, the piston never recieved the command to raise to the full height position.

    Figured I'd pass it along because it's something that was extraordinarily simple, yet extremely aggravating.

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    Default Re: B2410 3 Point Lifting Capacity

    Quote Originally Posted by schmellba99 View Post
    Since kubota refuses to make their information readily available, I've had to order an operator's manual (should arrive today, actually) from the dealer and dowloaded the parts manual. But as far as how to properly plumb the hydraulic lines to the tractor and the B2056 valve block I have, I may have it right, I may not. But it's impossible to tell since getting any type of schematics is impossible.
    Have you looked at page 40 in the operator's manual? It shows the location and plumbing for the rear and mid hydraulic blocks. I purchased the adapter that goes on the rear hydraulic block so you can attach hose fittings to it. I assume this is what you're talking about unless things are somehow plumbed off the FEL.
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