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    Default BX 2200 (2002 Model) Not running at full throttle when at full throttle

    Tractor runs good at full RPM while mowing for about 10 minutes or so then runs at about half throttle. I changed two fuel filters, cleaned air filter by spraying with water let dry and put back in. I also have added Power Serve to the fuel hoping that would cleart it up. I have not run a full tank of gas through yet. I have read other places that the electrical may have something to do with this problem. My lights will not turn off. Not headlights but the turn signal lights/hazrd lights. Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: BX 2200 (2002 Model) Not running at full throttle when at full throttle

    The only way electrical problems might cause an issue for you is the small fuel pump on the belly of the tractor. That's what you should hear ticking of you just turn on the ignition switch. If it doesn't tick, it either doesn't have power and you are gravity feeding the fuel or it is shot and needs to be replaced. There is no ignition for a diesel. The other place some 2200's have electrical is the main fuel pump solenoid. Most are only active during shutdown, but some early ones (?) had an active position for run-time. I'd be surprised if that was the issue though because it runs at all.

    The lights sounds like a totally different problem though. Doesn't that run down your battery? How do you compensate for this?

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    Default Re: BX 2200 (2002 Model) Not running at full throttle when at full throttle

    If you do not hear the clicking sound when turning the ignition then the fuel pump is not working. Search fuel pump you will find many threads on this topic for a bx2200.
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