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    Default B7800 Mid PTO/Rear PTO operation

    One of the mechanics told me at the local kubota shop that on a B7800 when lowering or raising the belly mower (mid PTO) the rear implement would rise also, vise versa for lowering. I am kinda confused by this.
    So if you want to leave your mmm on and want to use a box, tiller, etc on the rear, I would think the mmm would be in the way having to be lowered. Seems you'd have to take the mmm off according to what he was saying.
    Or can you lock the mmm all the way up, then be free to go up or down on the rear? Hope I explained the confusion. Thanks!!

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    Default Re: B7800 Mid PTO/Rear PTO operation

    The same holds true on the BX series tractors. The same lift mechanism services the 3pt and the MMM...HOWEVER, on the BX, you can adjust the MMM to stay up high by turning the height adjustment knob to "Top" while it's raised. You may have that feature on the B-series, but I don't know for sure.

    That being said, leaving the MMM during earth-moving chores may not be the best idea. It's very easy to get rocks, etc., in places that they shouldn't be...if you do leave it on, be sure to carefully check and clean the MMM before you use it. Personally, I take mine off when moving more than a little mulch or other very minor tasks involving ground engagement. It only takes a few minutes to do so...

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    Default Re: B7800 Mid PTO/Rear PTO operation

    My B7500 has pins that you install to keep the MMM up when you use the 3PT. You should find a reference to it in your operator's manual. As I remember it was in my manual for the B7500. The B7800 should be the same.

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    Default Re: B7800 Mid PTO/Rear PTO operation

    Like Gus said, you can pin the MMM up. But if you have any amount of loader work to do, just remove the mower deck. I can take off the 72" deck in about 2 min. with the loader on and less than 5min. with the loader off. Without the deck on its one less thing to worry about.

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