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    Default Re: Different speeds using cruise control or HST pedal with auto throttle advance eng

    My 5740 operates the same as the OP is asking. Basically you can get more ground speed from the cruise than with just the throttle. I use it a lot when I need a little more speed but don't really want to change gears.

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    Default Re: Different speeds using cruise control or HST pedal with auto throttle advance eng

    What happens when you use the manual throttle lever and press the HST pedal all the way down? Does it match the speed of the cruise control lever?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerius
    PhilY, thanks for explanation.

    I tried some experiments this weekend to give you real data (no PTO used, no stall guard engaged, flat road).
    1. if I have Auto Throttle Advance ON and I use just the HST pedal, at 1900RPM I can reach 5.1mph
    2. if I adjust the manual throttle at 1900rpm and I use just the cruise control I can reach 10mph
    So I hope now is clear what I ask. I don't understand how the cruise control is working as if the throttle is constant, what the cruise control is doing? doesn't have the same role as the HST pedal?
    Thanks for your patience.
    Are pushing the cruise all the way forward? If you are that is why you are going faster. When you have ATA on at 1900 rpm you aren't getting full pedal like you are when you use cruise. The cruise acts the same as the hydro pedal, the ata will not work off of thencruise lever. I hope I explained that good enough, if you have more questions ask.

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